Most intimidating fighter

04-Apr-2018 02:17

Abbott looks like the kind of guy who gets in fights at biker bars for fun, and you never want to mess with someone with that kind of reckless abandon. Even though he stands a mere 5'7" and weighs in at a scant 145 pounds, Jose Aldo is one scary dude.Between the scar on his face and his stoic, almost-too-calm demeanor, Aldo can intimidate any man.Before turning on the real pitching data and upping the speed to 70 mph, Trinity VR started me off with some slower, less tricky pitches I could actually get a piece of.

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Jeff Monson has been in and out of the UFC throughout his MMA career and has a modest 4-3 record to show for it.If eyesight and instincts are crucial in the tiny window batters have to swing at a ball, could VR genuinely replicate the same experience?As a teaching tool, it's great—the replay feature let me study my swings and realize I was often hitting the slower pitches too early, smacking them into the ground.I didn't fare any better, but I spent most of my time marveling at how surreal it felt to be swinging a heavy baseball bat that I couldn't see (and hoping for four balls in a row so I didn't strike out like a complete chump).

It's a completely different experience than swinging a controller, and I love that HTC's new Vive Tracker peripheral, mounted at the base of the bat, is accurate enough to determine how and where I'm swinging.Keith Jardine is a bad-looking man, and his awkward fighting style makes him all the more intimidating.